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"Connie is a great person to work with, and we had a great home buying experience with her on our team.

She listens closely, and knows how to discuss all positive as well as negative issues when walking through properties. We look forward to working with Connie again in the future."

T. Schwab, Buyer

Connie went above and beyond to sell my home during the coronavirus lockdown.

She treated it like her home and let no obstacle stand in the way of getting the necessary prep work done, getting the home listed, and helping buyers and buyers agents feel comfortable. At the end, we got a good price and the right buyer. Did I mention she did all of this with us out of the country ? Even with a seven hour time difference, her communication was second to none. Highly, highly recommended.

Beth Katz, Seller

"Connie goes to the ends of the earth for her clients.

She is an expert in the Tri-Valley Bay Area, living there over 25 years. Her commitment is to find the right home for the right family. I don't know where she gets her energy. Also acts as Broker, which makes the whole experience more smooth & efficient. Connie does a lot of repeat business with clients. They keep using her services, because she is simply the best."

S. Moore, Repeat Seller

"Beyond a typical Realtor !

That’s Connie! She is experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and successful with selling or buying any type of property. I don’t buy or sell without her! She has conducted all my transactions (many) professionally and timely. She is well networked to ensure your repair needs are resolved. I never have to worry about the progress of my transactions as she actively involved to move it forward to closing!"

Jann Bartolo, Seller

"So glad we chose you as our realtor years ago and have kept a friendship going.


Past Client

"We are honored to have Connie Cox represent our company as a Realtor.

I have known Connie for many years and have always admired her business practices. It is no accident that she is our top producing agent and sells more homes than any other Realtors in the [Valley Trails] neighborhood. She is the expert in that area selling homes there successfully for over 20 years! Connie is a true professional and always gives 110% of her time and effort to sell and close transactions."

Larry Spiteri, Manager Broker

"Connie is very experienced with the home buying process.

She was able to help us avoid pitfalls in the home buying process and helped us find our dream home."

William and Vicki Johnson, Buyer

"I recently worked with Connie to sell our home in the Val Vista neighborhood and she is an amazing person to have on your team.

She's knowledgeable about the neighborhood and has years of experience to best advise you on how to navigate selling your home. She's also worked with a lot of contractors and is able to help you with affordable upgrades or guide you on what renovations would offer the best return on investment. I'd certainly reach out to her before renovating your home for sale and would definitely work with her again. She also got us an incredible price for our home and she makes herself available on the weekends and after hours to accommodate your busy schedule. I couldn't believe how easy it was to communicate with her throughout every step of the process and how on top of things she was, even on weekends."

Yvonne C.

"I highly recommend Connie Cox.

She has helped us sell two houses and buy one. Every transaction went very well because she has the experience and contacts to anticipate and troubleshoot the issues. I especially like how she considers the net value of the transaction. If you are selling or buying I recommend you talk with Connie Cox."

David X., Seller

"One of the most ethical realtors we know and she tells you when something might be misconstrued.

Her knowledge of the vicinity is wonderful but that doesn't scare her away from areas that are farther away. Connie is committed to her clients and worked unbelievably hard for us. Thank you Connie and if we ever sell this house, you will be the one we call and to get the next one. We love our new home!"

Carr, Buyer

"Connie Cox helped our family buy our very first home 11 years ago.

We met her through a different open house and connected so well, we became instant friends and took her on as our realtor. Over the past 11 years we have become more like family, the kids love her. This past June we randomly saw this house for sell, and immediately called Connie. We saw the home Tuesday, made an offer Wednesday and got our house ready to show and on the Market by Sunday. Connie is amazing at her job! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. She listens to what's important to you. Buying and selling is stressful and you need a good person on your side, I would choose Connie Cox every time!"

Kim A.

I would just love to let every one know how wonderful Connie was.

She has many years of knowledge in selling homes. Her ability to work with all sorts of people was amazing. There were so many times that she explained, worked late, dropped things of to my door, and just did anything she could to think out of the box during our covid shut down... I would recommend her at anytime to sell your home... Thank you Connie

Jennifer Sabella (Seller)

"I certainly do recommend Connie to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a residence.

Connie knows what she is doing and does it well. She is not just your real estate agent but your partner and friend who is always looking out for your best. Before selling my house I did not appreciate how much work it is. Connie is great at quickly finding you the necessary resources to address any issues a buyer or seller may have. She honestly cares about her clients so the more you share with her the more she can help you. I've lived in Valley Trails for 32 years and have gotten to know Connie for all of her proactive efforts to protect and improve our neighborhood out of the goodness of her heart. Connie is not paid for these activities but takes them on to see that Valley Trails residence interests are not negatively impacted. I knew years ago that when I was to sell my house I was going to have Connie as my real estate agent. And I am extremely happy I have."

Marc F.

“For all we have done, you stand out as the most knowledgeable, and, quite frankly, nicest professional we dealt with during our years in California.

Thank you very much.”

Will G.

Connie has been an active, involved resident of the Tri-Valley for years, and so is very knowledgeable about neighborhoods, developers, builders, processes, lenders, City Governments, schools, etc.

She was always available to answer our questions, show us properties, and connected us to a multiple listing service. We found a new home in a relatively short period of time that met all of our requirements. Connie was there every step of the way to ensure our purchase was accomplished as smoothly as possible, and it was!! We are thrilled with our new home.

J.F. Pinney

"I can't say enough good things about Connie.

She sold our house of 34 years with sensitivity to our concerns and desires. She has all the resources and contacts needed to make your house stand out and take center stage in your area, and she is ALWAYS available and extremely knowledgeable. I can't imagine using any other realtor to buy or sell a home in the tri valley area."

Susan B.

"Connie's expertise and knowledge of the area helped tremendously during our move from another city.

She was patient and reassuring through the entire process. We feel fortunate to have found Connie when we did - she helped us get the perfect house for our family!"

Angela Tarricone, Buyer

The purchase of our new home wouldn't have been possible without Connie's expertise!

She helped us navigate with ease using her vast experience in real estate transactions, Bay Area market knowledge and negotiating skills. We were pleased right from the beginning when she spent countless hours understanding our requirements and created a targeted strategy. Throughout the process she was flexible with our requests, always a phone call away and showed patience with our questions. We really felt like one-team as she exhibited genuine care for us and ensured we got the best deal. I would highly recommend her services!

Ahmed Umair, Buyer

"One of the most ethical realtors we know and she tells you when something might be misconstrued.

Her knowledge of the vicinity is wonderful but that doesn't scare her away from areas that are farther away. Connie is committed to her clients and worked unbelievably hard for us. Thank you Connie and if we ever sell this house, you will be the one we call and to get the next one. We love our new house!"

Catherine C.

Excellence is how I describe Connie.

She answers all my questions. She helps guide me through my concerns. She’s the best At answering questions and addressing concerns. Her quality of work is outstanding.

Lori Jo Oswald, Ph.D., Buyer/Seller

"Connie helped me navigate my first home purchase, after I was widowed.

Twelve years later, she sold my house, and ushered me into my next dream home. Connie is a true real estate professional, thorough, knowledgeable, wonderful to work with. The entire sale process becomes seamless; Connie gets the job done!"

S. Moore, Seller

"Connie did a excellent job selling my house !

She's professional and listens to every question I had! I highly recommend her for your realtor."

Janine M.

Connie was the realtor that sold us our current home in the Valley Trails neighborhood of Pleasanton.

She was firm, tough, and obviously knew her stuff as the selling agent. We love our home, so when it came time, in an extremely competitive market, for my mom to move to the area Connie was the first and only person that we wanted to consult. Luckily, she fit us into her schedule on short notice, and proceeded to help us find a lovely home in Livermore for my Mom and her husband, Jim. Mom and Jim are picky and ask lots of questions, but Connie answered each one and took them out on several tours over the next weeks, weekends and even some mid-week trips. When it was time to write their offer, Connie’s advice was spot on, and they got their new home, while avoiding a length bidding war! Now my kids can visit their Grandparents any time they want. We have my Mom’s new home and our home because of Connie’s expertise and patience. She even brings my kids treats from time to time when she stops by to check-in, and she does not have to do that as the selling agent of our Pleasanton home. She is just that type of person. Connie has stayed in constant contact with updates about our neighborhood and follows up with my mom more often than other relators would, in my opinion. She has even made several stops by my Mom’s home in Livermore to make sure the transition was going smoothly. Connie will continue to be a trusted ally in the Tri-Valley when it comes to all things Real Estate. Thank you, Connie!

Mitchell Moshell

"Connie Cox is a one-stop real estate agent-broker, with customer service, that you only dream about.

She had sold me my first home, as a newly single woman, back in 2000; and she recently assisted me, in acquiring my "forever home;" I just love it! She is ATTENTIVE and intuitive about yr needs. Her integrity is unquestioned. As a 30 yr agent-broker/resident of the east bay, she's an expert about the area; especially comforting, if you're a newbie to No CA. Connie also is well connected, regarding handymen & the like; she is a useful contact, for such needs. With Connie, you need look no further, whether, buying or selling your home; I have used her for both."

Susan M.

"Connie helped us with our sale of a house in Pleasanton.

She made one statement that convinced me she was the right realtor for us. That is, when I asked her how much the house would sell for, her answer was, "The market will determine the price." There isn't a better answer than this, as it is reality and markets have a way of humbling our opinions. There are a lot of 'ifs' in a real estate transaction and Connie was great about keeping up on of all of them and it was a big help. I think she did a great job and I wouldn't hesitate to pass her onto to my friends, relatives and colleagues"


"Connie Cox did an excellent job of finding a house for my wife and me to buy, and did well at arranging the details of the purchase.

She understood, and worked within, our financial limits. She did the work, which is probably tedious, of showing us many houses, over a period of several weekends, and listened to us complain about the faults of many of them, gradually learning what we really wanted. Connie then helped us by advising us what price to offer for the house that we selected, and by arranging inspections, and by helping the escrow company to ensure that the necessary documents were ready when they should be. She was professional, and never complained to us. In other words, she did what a real estate broker ought to do, and did it well."

Randall B.

"Connie helped us sell a rental property, negotiate a tricky 1031 exchange transaction and purchase another rental property.

She did all this with professionalism, expertise and ridiculous attention to detail. it was very stressful and we never would have been able to complete this transaction as prescribed by law without her. In the end, the outcome was textbook perfect. I would not use anyone else for ANY real estate transaction."

Nowontrack, Buyer/Seller

"I highly recommend Connie Cox.

She has helped us sell two houses and buy one. Every transaction went very well because she has the experience and contacts to anticipate and troubleshoot the issues. I especially like how she considers the net value of the transaction. If you are selling or buying I recommend you talk with Connie Cox."

Davel L.

"I met Connie over 3 decades ago while I was trying to get into my house in Valley Trails.

Over the years I've witnessed so much Connie has done to help the Valley Trails community...way more than your normal realtor...she single handedly helped improve our neighborhood. Connie voiced the needs of our community to the people who could make a difference...she really drove a lot of the good improvements we all enjoy as homeowners. So when I finally needed a caring, efficient realtor to sell my home, Connie always had my back and she had a great team of sub contractors to get my home tuned up to sell. Connie is my best choice. From tune up, to listing to 2 open houses...all resulting in multiple offers (all above the listing price) all this happened within 2.5 weeks. I highly recommend Connie for anyone whoever is looking for a realtor in the Tri-Valley area."

Athena W.

I wanted you to know that the day we set out to find a Realtor, we hit upon the best one!

I feel so lucky to have you on my side.

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